Considered one of Hollywood’s most innovative film directors and storytellers, Brett is known as one of the entertainment industry’s top digital-media visionaries.

Mr. Leonard became a globally-recognized pioneer of digital filmmaking when he directed and co-wrote the hit motion picture Lawnmower Man, starring Pierce Brosnan and Jeff Fahey. The film is considered a cult classic, way ahead of its time in the use of groundbreaking computer graphics and the portrayal of a networked data culture. It was the number one commercially successful independent film of 1992, costing under $6 million and earning over $200 million worldwide.

Brett is heading up Meta-Narrative development with all of the DI Commercial clients such as the "MacGuyver" VR Escape Room, which we have acquired the rights for, Story World building with ATLAS Comics, who we are partnered with, and IMAGINARIUM world, mythos, and story production. Brett continues to be a world-renowned futurist and speaks at multiple technology conferences around the globe.


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