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Brett Leonard is considered one of Hollywood’s most innovative film directors and is known as one of the entertainment industry’s top digital-media visionaries.

After literally introducing Virtual Reality (VR) to the world in his landmark cult classic film, Lawnmower Man, and his pioneering work in IMAX 3D, Brett Leonard became a beacon for technologists, producers, entrepreneurs, governments and dreamers around the world whose imaginations were captured by the promise of VR. With a career’s worth of relationships and research in the space, Brett has a vast network and an acute understanding of the many technologies and nuances required to fulfil the true promise of multi-participant interactive narrative VR.

Studio Lightship

STUDIO LIGHTSHIP is a unique multi-disciplinary technology and content company for the age of virtual experience (VR/AR/MR). Lightship’s Studio division creates world-building process IPs for the virtual entertainment market; Lightship’s agency creates VX strategies and ecosystems for brand & music clients; Lightship’s label creates Transmedia IPs future-proofed for virtual immersion as it scales, complete with virtual experience, traditional media (like Film and TV), and tokenized social networking. Technology developed through the studio is licensed to the agency for client work, while the label uses it as the foundation for a slate of original VX-ready Transmedia franchise IPs that aim to set a new bar in the narrative VR and global entertainment markets.

STUDIO LIGHTSHIP has also partnered with Location-based virtual reality (VR) startup IMVERSE and will be launching MacGyverWorld, a MacGyver-themed VR escape room. The project makes use of the MacGyver brand, a world-class global brand for 30 years with a current CBS series, and a very high-profile VX LBE, cutting-edge real-time volumetric capture technology project that will incorporate Imverse’s 3D capture technology.

STUDIO LIGHTSHIP has acquired the rights to STORM Transmedia (Film, VR, AR, MR, Gaming, Social and Derived), to be based on an original Meta-Narrative tied to the brand and integrated into STORM’s global footprint. A portal into a new dimension of the STORM experience, LIGHTSHIP’s Transmedia Ecosystem paves the way for an East/West Media Franchise, Lifestyle Brand and social Community. STORM is one of Asia’s top youth-oriented lifestyle brands – with an expanding footprint in Electronic Dance Music festivals across the PRC and beyond.


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