A 15-year veteran of Wall Street, Mr. Clofine has held numerous senior positions within institutional markets and trading groups such as Jefferies & Company, Lehman Brothers, Warburg Dillon Read, and UBS. He is particularly adept at discovering nascent opportunities in the media and entertainment space and was instrumental in the early funding of several lucrative international restaurant and entertainment ventures.

One of the most successful and well known ventures is Sushi Samba Restaurant Group which has become a household name in many cities since opening its first restaurants in New York City, Miami, Las Vegas and Chicago. The global brand continues to operate with flagship locations in London, Las Vegas, Amsterdam, and the recently opened Dubai, where it offers not only amazing food, but 360-degree panoramic views of the iconic Palm Jumeirah coastline, the Arabian Gulf, Ain Dubai, and the Dubai Skyline. 


Since transitioning into film production, Mr. Clofine has produced multiple feature films which have been released in theaters as well as video on demand and streaming platforms. His projects have been featured around the globe and have been in competition as well as winning prestigious awards at film festivals such as Cannes, Sundance, Tribeca, Berlin, Munich, Venice and more.

Mr. Clofine serves as an Executive Director of The New York Law Enforcement Foundation and is a long standing advisor of his 100 year old family business, Clofine Dairy & Food Products, a manufacturer and distributor of dairy and food products both within the United States and internationally. Mr. Clofine earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management from Ithaca College and during those years took classes at Cornell University.


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